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I don’t usually get that excited about eggs anymore. But today we got the first egg ever from Danny our tiny black banty hen. It’s the smallest chicken egg I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t find a ruler, but it was smaller than a standard 35mm roll of film. And about a third of the size of the eggs that Penny lays.

It’s so cute! Even Agnes lays bigger eggs than that. Hopefully they’ll get a bit bigger as she gets into this egg thing. Maisie is looking like she might start to lay in the next week or so. Her hips are getting wider and when you touch her back she now “assumes the position”. Can’t wait to see what color they are…


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An Egg!

I’ve been collecting posts and am just now having time to actually put them up.


Today we leave for Idaho for a week. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned the girls coop, filled their food, changed their water, all the things I need to do to be gone and make them easy for my neighbor Dwight to watch.

Then I went out to tuck them in later and Agnes had left me an egg. An egg! In December, after not laying for 3 months! So excited!

I took the egg to Dwight and let him know to be sure to check the nest box as maybe she would leave more! Then this morning I did one last check before we got on the road about 7 am. And there was another one – slightly different color, so maybe someone else is also laying???

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